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International Meeting to discuss the future of Venice. Venice, Italy. 21 May 2010

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An international Discussion Meeting will be at Palazzo Zorzi on "Why the health of the Venice lagoon has serious implications for the city’s heritage"

Everybody knows about the flooding in Venice, but very few people are aware that the water is chronically too high.  Compared to point zero marked at the Punta della Salute in 1897, the mean water level in Venice is already around 28cm higher. This is damaging the buildings, and it is likely to get much worse. From 2014, when the mobile barriers known as MOSE are expected to be finished, flooding should become a thing of the past. But the barriers can do nothing to counteract the chronically raised water level. How to resolve this problem will be the great challenge of our century.

Continuing Venice in Peril’s collaboration with the Coastal Research Unit of Cambridge University, a new project has been launched to explain the reasons for this changed water level and describe its implications for the buildings. As last time, the aim is to unite the most expert scientists in the field, from Italy and abroad, and to hold a focused and open discussion, with a view to producing a clear, consensual and peer-reviewed publication explaining the issues.

The project will be in two parts.  On 21 May, there will be the international discussion meeting, to be held courtesy of UNESCO (under whose aegis Venice in Peril operates in Venice) in Palazzo Zorzi, 4930 Castello, Venice 30122.
In the autumn, the findings and the publication will be presented to the public and media, again in Venice. The 21 May meeting will be work in progress, but the public is welcome to come. The discussions will be technical, but with clear summaries at the end. There will be simultaneous translation.  

To download a pdf with more detail click <a included="null" target="_blank" href="public/images/Health%20of%20the%20Venice%20Lagoon.pdf" title="Health of Lagoon Meeting May 2010">here</a>. To see the programme click <a included="null" target="_blank" href="public/images/Venice%20Programme.pdf" title="21 May 2010 programme">here</a>

For further information email <a included="null" href="mailto:info@veniceinperil.org">info@veniceinperil.org</a> or call the office on +44 (0)20 7736 689

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