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Island & Coastal Biosphere Reserves in the Mediterranean. Models for Sustainable Development. Syracuse (Italy), 10-12 November 2009


Event jointly organised by UNESCO Venice and MAB, in cooperation with the Italian Ministry for Environment, Territory and Sea (Rome), the Consorzio Plemmirio – Marine Protected Area in Syracuse (Sicily) and the Italian National Commission for UNESCO

    The international seminar on "Island & Coastal Biosphere Reserves in the Mediterranean. Models for Sustainable Development" will take place in Syracuse (Italy) from 10-12 November 2009. The event is jointly organised by the UNESCO Office in Venice and the MAB Secretariat, in cooperation with : Italian Ministry for Environment, Territory and Sea (Rome), Consorzio Plemmirio – Marine Protected Area in Syracuse (Sicily) and Italian National Commission for UNESCO.
    The main outcome of the 3rd World Congress on Biosphere Reserves (BRs) (Madrid, Spain) was the Madrid Action Plan (2008-2013) which among many topics, focuses on Islands and Coastal Zones. In addition, special emphasis was given to the integrated biodiversity conservation of natural resources and sustainable development, as well as to the creation of specific thematic networks, such as those that target island and coastal zones.

    Building on experiences developed in insular and coastal BRs of the Mediterranean, the Seminar "Island & Coastal Biosphere Reserves in the Mediterranean. Models for Sustainable Development" (upon invitation only) intends to explore topics of common interest that could then be further investigated in the frame of a new coordinated experimental programme related to insular and coastal BRs in the region, allowing for the development of management guidelines and models to be extended to the most of Mediterranean insular, coastal and marine areas. To this end, the opportunities for the establishment of new BRs in the Mediterranean region will also be examined, and the main EU funding opportunities for cooperation initiatives in the Mediterranean Basin and designing of possible BRs joint project proposals will be explored. In parallel Italian authorities supported by the Ministry for Environment, Territory and Sea, have expressed their interest in using this opportunity to convene a side national meeting during which issues related to the reactivation of the MAB National Committee and related network of Biosphere Reserves could be discussed (the agenda of this national meeting will be communicated separately).

    The Protected Marine Area of Plemmirio, established in 2001, has taken the lead to initiate an inter-institutional dialogue among stakeholders for applying to become the first Coastal Biosphere Reserve in Sicily, in full compliance with the Eruo MAB recommendations for Biosphere Reserves. In particular, Plemmirio aims at reviewing the old fashioned ideas of marine-versus land based BRs, considering the expansion of its territorial dimension to cover whole land-sea interface, taking into account of the need for an integrated coastal zone management and the fulfilment of the development functions underpinned by its outstanding natural and cultural assets.

    Photo credit : Starfish ©plemmirio.it; Cover page Madrid Action Plan (2008-2013)© UNESCO MAB
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    Reference Documents : [The Seville Strategy for Biosphere Reserves] (1995) [Madrid Action Plan for Biosphere Reserves 2008-2013] (2008)
    See also : <a g8-g8_layout_locale-1199882116809_ministerialeambientehtm="http://www.g8italia2009.it/G8/Home/IncontriMinisteriali/G8-G8_Layout_locale-1199882116809_MinisterialeAmbiente.htm”" href="http://portal.unesco.org/en/%E2%80%9D">G-8 Environment Ministers Meeting</a> (Syracuse, 2009)

    Contact (Organization) : Enzo Incontro Director, AMP Plemmirio fax: +39-0931-449954 email : v.incontro@plemmirio.it
    Contact (UNESCO) : Philippe Pypaert at p.pypaert(at)unesco.org

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