03.08.2010 - UNESCO Venice Office /Italian Ministry for Public Administration and Innovation

Italian Ministry for Public Administration and Innovation invites UNESCO to prepare a new Report on Venice

© UNESCO / Junaid Sorosh-WaliGrand Canal in Venice, Italy

Renato Brunetta, Italian Minister for Public Administration and Innovation, sent a letter to Irina Bokova, UNESCO Director-General, on past 27 July conveying the appreciation of the Italian Government for the actions that UNESCO has been developing in favour of international dialogue and the role of Culture in Development and asking UNESCO's support to the proposal of a policy initiative to enhance the sustainable development of Venice, inscribed by UNESCO in the World Heritage List in 1987. Renato Brunetta underscored the major role UNESCO played in sustaining the special legislation for the safeguarding of Venice and its Lagoon, by issuing a chief Report that set the scene for policies and measures to be undertaken. He added that the creation of a UNESCO Office for Venice represented a major contribution of the International Community for the safeguarding of Venice.

The letter continues to read: “Forty years on, the main measures aimed at protecting and restoring Venice have been largely carried out. Outstanding results have been achieved: the tidal protection system will be completed and will become operational in 2014; the natural equilibrium of the Venice Lagoon has been re-established; and the monuments and urban fabric have been restored to a large extent.

In light of these successful actions, the Government believes that an innovative strategy should be defined to ensure a longer term sustainability of the economy of the city and its hinterland, which has suffered from a decline of the traditional industrial activities.

The current economic structure, based on tourism and service sectors, needs to be reoriented towards more innovative activities, so as to properly reflect the important international role of the City as an international Capital of Culture and Arts, and to reinforce its capacity as an industrial innovation and exchange centre...".

To this purpose, in the coming months, the Government intends to introduce a new special legislation aimed at stimulating economic processes that are essential to ensure the long term sustainable development of the area, being this an indispensable condition for its safeguard and conservation.

I would like to ask you if UNESCO, in line with the long tradition of involvement in supporting and safeguarding this exceptional cultural and natural heritage site, would be willing to join this process and prepare a new Report on Venice, with modalities and a timetable to be defined with the Italian Government.

Hoping that you will positively consider this proposal and that UNESCO will be able to support this new strategic visions for Venice, I would like to take this opportunity to send you my most cordial regards.”

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