04.11.2011 - UNESCO Office in Venice

Joint position taken by the participants from TAIEX beneficiary countries

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TAIEX Multi-country Workshop on Emigration Issues in the Western Balkans – joint approach to linking migration and development of the countries of origin, held in Sarajevo on the 13th and 14th of October 2011, generally contributed to a better understanding of this topic, and was useful as such in experience sharing and better comprehension of the current challenges. The participants look favourably on further development of the regional cooperation in the area of migration and development, and render their support to a continuation and deepening of such regional gatherings which would yield guidelines for future cooperation.

The issue of migration and development is very important for all countries in the Western Balkans that, unlike the EU ones, are mostly those of origin and transit of migrants. The participants call upon migrants' host countries in the EU to develop a more sensitive attitude in regards to migration and development, as well as to the impact of emigration to development of the Western Balkans' countries, while ensuring that the related challenges are solved by partnership.

In order to bring about better understanding of the current emigration trends and their link to development, investment and incentives aimed at research on this issue is supported hereby in the Western Balkans' countries. Particular focus of this support refers to resource generation, as well as to knowledge and experience sharing at the regional level, that will serve as the basis for creation of more efficient policies in the area of migration and development. 

In order to promote research in the region it is needed to support initiatives aimed at gathering of a better quality data both in the region and in the EU countries that are the final destination of emigrants from the Western Balkans. Conceptual and methodological discussion aimed at improving communication in the area of science and policy creation is also rendered participants' support hereby.

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