27.06.2011 - UNESCO Venice Office

A new UNESCO Chair to be launched

©A. Delcevski - Interview

The School of Journalism and Public Relations (SJPR), in partnership with the UNESCO National Commission in Skopje and UNESCO Venice Office will launch on 28 June 2011 at the Holiday Inn, Skopje, a new UNESCO Chair on Media, Dialogue and Mutual Understanding aimed at promoting action in favor of social cohesion, intercultural communication and multicultural understanding among different cultural groups.

Under the four-year agreement, the main priority of the UNESCO Chair will be to strengthen the component of inclusive journalism and intercultural communication in the graduate and postgraduate studies in Journalism and Communication. A range of courses and programs will be introduced to furnish future students and active journalists with knowledge and understanding of the concepts of multi- and inter-culturalism, with appreciation for diversity, with competence for critical analysis of multicultural situations as well as with skills for communicating effectively in potential conflict situations.

The specific objectives of this Chair are to:

- develop new curricula for postgraduate programmes in journalism and communication studies and conduct media research projects related to the intercultural and diversity aspects of media pluralism;

- develop a web platform and a handbook for journalists as concrete modalities for building capacities in intercultural communication, diversity reporting and peace journalism, and to enhance knowledge and experience sharing among local journalists, as well as international experts and practitioners;

- develop and disseminate media products on topics related to inter-cultural communication, mutual understanding and dialogue;

- establish a Rapid Response Media Mechanism in the country to address cross-cultural tensions; and

- set-up a network in diversity/inclusive reporting and peace journalism.

Each objective will contribute to improve and strengthen the overall level of professionalism in the area of journalism and especially the manner of reporting and coverage of culturally diverse issues in the society. The ultimate objective of the overall working concept is to also contribute to the overcoming of the persistent prejudices, stereotypes and discrimination in the society, as well as foster the concept of democratic coexistence and mutual understanding and tolerance among different cultural groups in the country. The postgraduate studies will offer the grounds for improving the education level of journalists, both future and mid-career ones and provide them the required skills and abilities to efficiently and objectively report on intercultural issues, thus contributing to the social cohesion in the society.

This activity is implemented in the framework of the UN Joint Programme "Enhancing Inter-ethnic Community Dialogue and Collaboration" financed by the Spanish Government through the Millennium Development Goals Achievement Fund (MDG-F).

Link: http://www.vs.edu.mk/index.php?lang=en (School of Journalism)

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