02.08.2010 -

Launch of the South Eastern Europe Science Policy Portal

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The Portal SEE sciencepolicy.org at www.seesciencepolicy.org is implemented with the support of UNESCO Venice Office.


The Portal offers access to a wealth of information on science and research policies, libraries and knowledge repositories, national and international science funding opportunities , as well as other information on science and technology relevant for policy-makers, researchers and civil society of countries of South and East Europe. 

The Portal is open to researchers community by providing tools for submission and sharing of valuable R&D information for its registered users.

- Portal SEE sciencepolicy.org http://www.seesciencepolicy.org
- UNESCO and Science Policy http://www.unesco.org/science/psd/

UNESCO Contact :
Iulia Nechifor at i.nechifor(at)unesco.org


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