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Lights, camera, action…Spotlight on Youth and Water

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Youth is a target category within UNESCO programmes. Their active involvement in increasing public awareness related to the current social and environmental issues such as poverty eradication, stability of peace, social inclusion, climate change and risk preparedness of natural hazards are part of a dynamic learning process.


UNESCOVENICE Media Advisory N°2010-02 (14-05-2010):  Since 2001, the UNESCO Venice Office collaborates with Gruppo Alcuni in supporting the international CIAK Junior Festival. It is a creative approach aimed at promoting the future generations (school aged youth) of film actors, screenwriters and directors. Youth are the main users of multimedia technology and youth-oriented media are the instruments of the future. The UNESCO Venice Office is proud to support Gruppo Alcuni’s dedication to the production of quality audiovisual programmes for children, made by children, which highlight important societal and cultural issues. This year’s edition will take place from 24 to 29 May 2010 in Treviso, Italy.

Another joint initiative with Gruppo Alcuni, underlining interaction between youth, science and culture, is the “Water Project H2Ooooh”. Initiated in 2008, children can illustrate their water and environmental conservation tips in an amusing and creative way. Based upon their daily life experiences, cultural traditions and beliefs, they can share and exchange ideas on preserving the freshwater present in their countries streams, rivers and lakes. Selected storyboards become animated cartoons resulting in “fun” science education.

Mr Engelbert Ruoss, Director of the UNESCO Venice Office, underlines that water is a basic human right for all and should be freely accessible. “Water is an essential element necessary for survival. But a large portion of our Earth’s water is unsuitable for human consumption. Therefore, water becomes a privileged commodity. UNESCO can play an important role in establishing a new worldwide concept of water civilization. Based upon mutual respect for cultural diversity, dialogue, sharing expertise and knowledge as well as encouraging new technologies and water management, it can inform and educate the public, especially youth.”

The Water Project H2Ooooh was also presented during UNESCO’s 35th General Conference (October 2009) to its Member States and captured great interest. The next editions of the Water Project H2Ooooh will be extended and will “cross the borders”, to offer the same creative opportunities to youth around the world to share their water conservation tips.

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