10.02.2006 -

Mediterranean Mosaics : International Conference on the Valorisation of Archaeological Sites with mosaics. Modica (Sicily) 22-23 February 2006

The Mediterranean Mosaics International Conference on the Valorisation of Archaeological Sites with mosaics, to be held from 22 to 23 February 2006 in Modica (Sicily) aims at sharing good practices on the economic valorisation of cultural heritage, and at developing specific skills and knowledge related to the promotion and to the integrated management of archaeological sites. 

The meeting is the prosecution of a process for the creation of a network of Mediterranean sites characterised by the presence of ancient mosaics, already initiated with a project of the Sicily Region, named “Mediterranean Mosaics: Knowledge, Valorisation, Networks”. 

Allowing for a thorough and common discussion of all related subjects, the Conference will also serve to define the contents of a “Chart of Modica – Joint Declaration for a better Management of Mediterranean Sites with Mosaics”, and to kick off a common strategy of cooperation between the institutional partners of the countries involved. This shared strategic approach will thus offer a reference model for possible future initiatives aimed at improving the integrated management and valorisation (also in terms of tourism) of archaeological sites with mosaics. 

Participation in the conference will be extended to: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Italy, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestinian Authority, Syria, Tunisia. Participants shall be represented by Deputy Ministers of Foreign Affairs responsible for cultural cooperation and for the promotion of tourism, to be accompanied by the respective Directors General with competence over the management and valorisation of archaeological sites, and/or distinguished national experts in the relevant fields. 

The following countries are invited as observers : Cyprus, France, Greece, Malta, Spain, Turkey. 

The European Union, ICCROM, ICOMOS, IUCN, World Bank are also invited. 

Official working languages will be Italian, English and Arabic. 

Conference Promoters/organisers Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sicily Region - Sovrintendenza per i Beni Culturali di Ragusa,UNESCO (Venice Office) 

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