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Meet the Pet Pals (Cuccioli)

©Gruppo AlcuniPetpals the 6 protagonists Poster

Holly, Pio, Moby, Diva, Nameless and Top Hat


The Pet Pals protagonists oft he TV series "The Pet Pals present H2Ooooh!" are a daring group of six young animals. They are a friendly bunch, all with very different personalities, each bringing something special and unique to the group. The Pet Pals are always ready to embark on exciting adventures, making lots of new friends along the way and learning interesting facts on nature, wildlife, magic and mythology.

DIVA (Diva) is a vain and impulsive duckling, with a passion for fashion! Her prima donna demands often cause trouble within the group. She is convinced that she is the most beautiful creature alive and uses every opportunity she can to practice her poses and posture. Diva takes out her frequent temper tantrums on Top Hat, who is forced to cater to her every whim! She can usually be found in stylish boutiques and is instantly recognisable by her pink bow and yellow beak. Diva enjoys sunbathing, mirrors, diamonds and being right. She does not enjoy being wrong or any form of physical exercise or dieting.

MOBY (Portatile) is a very wise and intellectual little dog. He is calm and reassuring by nature. He is a true fountain of knowledge and every time the Pet Pals need information he takes out a volume of his encyclopaedia and reads to them. Moby is very protective of the group and always has a good word to say about everyone. You can be sure to find him in places containing books and he can be easily spotted due to his characteristic dark fur and red collar. Moby loves reading, travel, history and telling amusing anecdotes. He rather dislikes being interrupted, sports, getting lost and idle gossip.

HOLLY (Olly) is a shrewd kitten who has a no-nonsense approach to things. She’s direct, quick and manages to solve every problem with imagination and wit. Holly is a born leader with excellent organisational skills. She can always be found in danger zones, where the action is. Holly's distinguishing features include whiskers and a long tail. She enjoys solving riddles and mysteries, adventures and defending her friends. Holly dislikes fashion, frivolity and inactivity.

PIO (Pio) is an eccentric and dramatic thespian frog who knows a multitude of funny verses and is an excellent impersonator. He dreams of becoming a famous actor and of making it big in the world of theatre.  Pio's uncanny ability for recreating sounds makes him often indispensable in getting his friends out of trouble. You can find him in theatres around the world and he is instantly recognisable due to his vivid green colour and expressive face. He is passionate about being on stage and performing, reciting verses and doing impersonations. He dreads forgetting his lines, not passing an audition, stage fright and dangerous situations.

TOP HAT (Cilindro) is an athletic, but clumsy and bungling rabbit who gets easily carried away by every exciting new suggestion. Top Hat nearly always ends up in trouble, despite his very best intentions. He is secretly, but not that secretly, in love with Diva and goes to extreme lengths to please and amuse her. His head is nearly always in the clouds and his distinguishing features are his long ears and endearing blue eyes. Top Hat is obsessed by Diva, carrots and sports. On the other hand he hates carrot shortages and Diva's infamous punches.

NAMELESS (senzanome) is a little chick whose actions speak louder than words! He communicates using placards which show images of all types of different objects and which his friends often use to get themselves out of tricky situations. Nameless is gifted with a great sense of humour and a true spirit of initiative. He lives with his fellow Pet Pal Moby in Venice and is easily recognisable by his angelic face, useful placards and yellow feathers. Nameless likes balloons, challenging situations, football and useful tools. He really doesn't like not having the right placard, rats, pigeons and talking.

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