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National Strategy of Science, Technology and Innovation 2009-2015

Publ: 2009; 36 p.*; SPO/ITA/2010/SC/PI/1.

Title: National strategy of science, technology and innovation 2009-2015 Added Title: UNESCO-sponsored programmes and publications

Corporate author: Albania. Council of Ministers Imprint: (s.l.), Council of Ministers, 2009 Country: Albania Publ Year: 2009 Collation: 36 p. Original Language: English Other Lang. versions: Albanian Other lang. title: Strategjia kombëtare e shkencës, teknologjisë dhe inovacionit 2009-2015 Document code: SPO/ITA/2010/SC/PI/1 General notes: Incl. bibl. (Pub. with the support of UNESCO Office Venice and Regional Bureau for Science and Culture in Europe). (Electronic version) Main descriptors: technology; science policy; scientific development; Albania

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Document Type: Publication with UNESCO collaboration/sponsorship

Catalog Number: 187164

Source code: lib

pdf : http://unesdoc.unesco.org/images/0018/001871/187164e.pdf

link : http://www.unesco.org/ulis/cgi-bin/ulis.pl?catno=187164&set=4BF146A1_0_53&gp=1&lin=1&ll=1


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