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One UN in Albania Launch. Tirana, Albania. 14 May 2007

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The One UN Project in Albania has been launched on 14 May in Tirana in the presence of cabinet ministers and other national partners including members of civil society, members of the international and diplomatic community and media. Mr Sali Berisha, the Prime Minister of Albania, spoke on the behalf of the Government and Mr Kemal Dervis, Chair of the UN Development Group and UNDP Administrator, for the UN collectively.


All partners involved both from UN and the Albania Government are very eager to integrate UNESCO in the process and to proceed with projects in Science, Culture and Education and to work closely with BRESCE. Mr Engelbert Ruoss, DIR/BRESCE participated in the Launch as key coordinator to lead UNESCO's contribution to the One UN pilot process in Albania, designated by the UNESCO Director General during his recent visit to UNESCO BRESCE to lead UNESCO's contribution to the One UN pilot process in Albania.

The “One UN” pilot initiative will test in eight countries how the UN family – with its many and diverse agencies -- can deliver in a more coordinated way at country level. The objective is to ensure faster and more effective development operations and accelerate progress to achieve the Millennium Development Goals -- in short, a UN development system that delivers more and better in support of national priorities.

The creation of the "One UN" pilots was recommended by the Secretary –General’s High-Level Panel on UN System-wide Coherence, a group of heads of state and policy makers tasked to examine ways to strengthen the UN’s ability to respond to the challenges of the 21st Century. Following the launch of the Panel's Report in November 2006, the Governments of eight countries among which Albania - volunteered to become “One UN” pilot.

The pilot countries have agreed to work towards a common UN presence in the country while capitalizing on the strengths and comparative advantages of the different members of the UN family. During 2007, these eight countries will pilot different models to deliver as "One", looking at common elements, such as "One Programme", "One Budgetary Framework", "One Leader" and "One Office".

The "One UN" pilot initiative builds on the existing reform agenda set by UN members states, which asks the UN development system to accelerate its efforts to increase coherence and effectiveness of its operations in the field. In response to the High-level Panel's Report, the Secretary-General requested the Chair of the UNDG to move forward with the implementation of the ‘One UN’ pilots.

Following the request made by the Prime Minister of Albania in December 2006, Albania was selected in January 2007 as one of the eight countries around the world to pilot the ‘One UN’. Building on the existing UN Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) areas, a One UN Programme will be elaborated taking into account the contribution of the UN system to Albania’s unique development challenges as a EU pre-accession country.

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