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‘OVS Children Save the World’ initiative takes Italian kids on a fantastic adventure towards environmental sustainability

© OVS Children Save the World’ initiative - leaflet

Until 31 December, children - alone, in a group or with their own class - can participate in the initiative ‘OVS Children Save the World’ promoted by OVS in cooperation with the UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science and Culture in Europe, Venice (Italy), and Gruppo Alcuni. Children are our future, but not only. Children are exceptional in their love for life, for nature and for what is ultimately right. From this awareness the initiative was born with the aim of promoting respect for nature and a conscientious use of the planet’s resources.

The initiative was presented on the occasion of the theatrical release of the animated feature film “Pet Pals - The Land of Wind" produced by Gruppo Alcuni. The cartoon brings to the stage the Pet Pals characters, which are engaged in combat with the machinations of Wizard Crow, their historic rival. Wizard Crow wants to stop the "whirligig” that generates the stream of air necessary to the everyday life in the village of Breath. Should the wind stop blowing, everything would stop in the village, because in the village each machine exploits wind energy.

The film, presented at the 70th Venice International Film Festival is the leitmotiv of the initiative: an invitation for children to draw, by themselves or with their own class or friends, a storyboard for a short cartoon starring the Pet Pals on issues related to environmental sustainability. A unique opportunity for them as the 3 most interesting ideas will selected to become real short cartoons that  - dubbed in various languages - will be broadcasted all over the world.  Moreover, the most significant among these short cartoons created by the students will be shown in the “Pet Pals - The Land of Wind" film credits.

Strong emphasis has always been given to environmental protection issues and even more so to children and their education. An interest testified by the various initiatives undertaken to date by Gruppo Alcuni in collaboration with the UNESCO Venice Office - CIAK Junior festivals and H2Ooooh!. Yolanda Valle-Neff, Director of the UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science and Culture in Europe, Venice (Italy), is a proud supporter of this new initiative: "Once again, the fantastic Pet Pals will be the testimonial of a campaign aiming at raising awareness of the central themes of sustainability: we are sure that many Italian children will respond to this call to be the creators and the actors of a more righteous and beautiful world”.

What will children be able to do when connecting to the website of the ‘OVS Children Save the World’ initiative? The youngest ones will be able to play! Connecting to the web page “Play with Pet Pals” they can animate 3 of the most beloved characters of this cheerful group: Top Hat, Moby and Wizard Crow. From the main page, the oldest can enter the competition, by drawing a storyboard for a short cartoon starring the Pet Pals on the following themes: 1. Ecological footprint; 2. Water saving; 3. Alternative energy and energy saving; 4. The city suitable for children; and, 5. Waste and recycling. Children can download a pre-set storyboard to create their own storyboard and to upload it online by 31 December 2013. They also have the possibility to directly draw their cartoon on the portal by uploading it automatically.

Website: http://ibambinidiovssalvanoilmondo.ovs.it/

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