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Participation of South-East European countries in the competitive funding programmes for research in the European Commission

Source: eCORDA 8 June 2010Evolution of success rates in FP7, SEE

A 34-page report to UNESCO-BRESCE gives an overview of the participation of the countries of South-East Europe (SEE) in the competitive funding programmes for research of the European Commission as well as other European funding schemes open to the countries of the region.


UNESCOVENICE News (10/08/2010): The study includes: an in-depth overview of the number of applications by country and the success rates; a comparison among SEE countries and between SEE countries and other countries in transition (Baltic States, etc.); an appraisal of the financial volume of the funds received; a critical analysis of the state-of-the art underlining trends observed; series of conclusions and recommendations concerning new initiatives needed in order to further strengthen national research capacities and competitiveness. Detailed tables and graphs for each individual country are found in annex. 

Initial findings of the study were presented to the expert meeting and High-level Round Table ‘Strengthening Research and Higher Education in SEE: from bilateral to pan-European co-operation’, held in Tirana (Albania) from 21-22 May 2010.

This final version has a fuller set of data for FP7 and COST and has benefited from comments from Tania Friederichs (European Commission, DG Research) and Michael  Kilcommons (Technopolis Group). In includes series of conclusions and recommendations to improve SEE participation in EU funding Programmes and in the wider European Research Area (ERA).

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