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Post-2015 UN Development Agenda in Kosovo - Report released

Photo credit: Kosovo’s Post-2015 Debate - cover

The final report of the National Consultations for the Post-2015 UN Development Agenda in Kosovo has been released. The report details the concerns and issues voiced by Kosovars during a series of national consultations organized by the United Nations in cooperation with the Government. The consultation process is part of an on-going global initiative to capture the voices of people around the world in order to develop a new, more responsive development agenda for the United Nations, following the completion of the Millennium Development Goals initiative in 2015.

Led with the support of the consultancy firm Innovations lab team and UNICEF, more than 6,000 Kosovars participated in these consultations, from 30 out of 37 municipalities. More than half were women, and consultations were balanced between urban and rural areas. Young people under 26 accounted for 80% of the total people consulted.

In every discussion, no matter who the participants, two common concepts were found to dominate: opportunity and equity. “Opportunity” was articulated as far more than just a job; Kosovars expressed it as having the chance to maximize potential at every stage of life, from access to quality learning to open travel to decent and fulfilling work. Kosovars defined it as “living a full life.” “Equity” was articulated as far more than wealth and poverty; it was perceived as a social and political climate of fairness, and a continuum of experiences and knowledge from birth. Equity to Kosovars meant a clear linkage between effort and reward irrespective of social status, gender, age, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, bodily fitness or political affiliation. 

An inclusive approach applied throughout, especially targeted at engaging marginalized groups in society to ensure their voices were heard. The debate is foreseen to continue, using the momentum built with stakeholders and especially the government, so that this report and the agenda it represents can be used as a tool representing all of the voices of the Kosovar people.

More information, including some infographics from the consultations, please visit: http://kosovoinnovations.org/blog/post-mortem-visualizing-world-we-want

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