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Protection of Cultural and Natural Heritage for Sustainable Development. Ohrid (FYR Macedonia) 14-19 December 2009

The Capacity-building Workshop on "Protection of Cultural and Natural Heritage for Sustainable Development. Integrating the Management Plan for the Natural and Cultural Heritage of the Ohrid region" is organized from 14 through 16 December 2009 in Ohrid by UNESCO Office in Venice and the World Heritage Centre in cooperation with partners from the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (Ministry of Culture; Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning; National Commission for UNESCO; Municipality of Ohrid; and University of Ohrid).

The main focus of this workshop is to further inspire and facilitate the elaboration of this Management Plan and the necessary detailed action plan outlining further steps for Plan refinement and implementation. Toward this end the workshop will support the participation of a wide range of stakeholders; policy professionals, decision-makers, research and scientific institution representatives, management practitioners and communities. Particular attention will be paid to the integration, into the Management Plan, of action steps for sustainable tourism development and management. Establishing a detailed Action Plan, generated by a body of key stakeholders would help ensure Plan buy-in and facilitate its implementation.

In addition, tourism and water resources management issues, in a trans-boundary context, will be addressed. As far as the Ohrid cross border catchment is concerned, a consultation meeting addressing the key issue of water management will be held on the 16th of December. This meeting will be facilitated by GWP-Med and UNESCO Office in Venice. The objectives are:
• to identify the water related considerations that could be incorporated in the Management Plan;
• to identify related capacity building needs that would be addressed through future action by UNESCO in cooperation with GWP-Med in the framework of the overall dialogue process for the integrated management of the Drin Basin.

The Workshop is targeting mainly the relevant parties involved in the establishment and future implementation of the Management Plan of the World Heritage Site of Ohrid:
• Central government representatives, Ministry of culture and the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning,
• Local government representatives, Municipalities of Ohrid, Struga and Debarca,
• Various relevant experts from State institutions from former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (and Albania for what concerns trans-boundary water related issues).
Participants will be involved in thematic exercises to craft an Action Plan for the draft version of the Management Plan. Expertise and support will be provided from external experts in the field of sustainable tourism and visitor management planning.

The workshop will contribute to the development of a comprehensive Management Plan for the Ohrid region. Toward this end participants will generate an action plan containing details on the needed steps for ongoing plan adaptation and implementation via an operational management system. Such an action plan will in particular consider the processes to be put in place so to assure a more sustainable tourism development in the area.

Photo credit : Ohrid, World Heritage © Graciela Gonzalez Brigas
For all questions related to attendance, contact: Ana Efremova at aefremova@yahoo.com
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