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Quality, Honesty and Beauty in communication of Science and Technology take center stage at the PSCT2012

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Countdown has begun to the 12th edition of the international Public Communication of Science and Technology (PCST) Conference in Florence, Italy. PCST 2012 creates an opportunity for sharing and exchanging information and data as well as establishing an international forum to discuss emerging critical issues related to the communication of science and technology. Attention is placed on sharing of best practices in communicating science and improving the quality of the information being produced for public use. From 18-20 April 2012, leading academics and science communicators will discuss about “Quality, Honesty and Beauty in science and technology communication” from very diverse angles with science journalists.

UNESCO has granted patronage to this event and a representative of the Organization will make an introductory speech during the opening session.

Two working sessions organized by the UNESCO Venice Office, one of the partners of PCST 2012, are scheduled on Thursday 19 April 2012, “Science Communication in the South-East European Region: Overview of the Current Situation” and “Quality and Accountability of Science Communication – UNESCO’s Perspectives/Strategies for South East European Region”. Susan Schneegans, Editor of the UNESCO Science Report series - which updates the status of science around the world every five years - will participate in the second session. It is expected that they will shed light on the current state-of-the-arts on science communication within the South-East European (SEE) region and possibly lead to the creation of a network of science journalists of the region. This is also an occasion for sharing and exchanging information and identifying promising practices as well as an opportunity for science communicators to brain storm together on common needs to improve the divulgation of science in South-East Europe.

The UNESCO Venice Office will support the participation of 8 science journalists and science communicators from South-East Europe (Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Montenegro, Serbia, The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, and Turkey) who will be involved in the two special working sessions and asked to intervene by reporting briefly about the current science and the popularization of science in their respective countries. Recipients of the grant will be also directly involved in the network of science journalists will be established in the SEE region.

Link : http://www.pcst2012.org/

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