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Rapprochement of cultures through Architecture. People meet in architecture - 12th Edition of the Biennale of Architecture Venice, Italy

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The UNESCO Venice Office is pleased to host at its premises (Palazzo Zorzi-4930 Castello, Venice) three distinct yet inter-related exhibits representing the Member States of France, the Republic of San Marino and the Republic of Montenegro during the upcoming Biennale of Architecture beginning in late August 2010.

UNESCO Venice Media Advisory N°2010-05 : Joined by the common denominator and a fundamental cornerstone for UNESCO – the expression of cultural diversity – each of these individual exhibits reflects their own architectural creativity and style.

In addition UNESCO Venice Office is also partly supporting Albania’s first ever participation to the Architecture Biennale through the UN Joint Programme, “Culture and Heritage for Social and Economic Development”, which is funded through the Spanish MDG Achievement Fund. The Albanian pavilion is located in the Artiglierie of the Arsenale and its exhibit is entitled “Beyond Color”.

As this is also the International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures, the “…exchange and dialogue between cultures are the best tools for building peace…” according to Ms Bokova, the Director-General of UNESCO. To attain a peaceful climate for cultural dialogue, architectural creativity can be tool to teach and share common values.

Mr Engelbert Ruoss, Director UNESCO Venice Office, underlined that “…by opening its doors, the UNESCO Venice Office, is encouraging and promoting the International Year of the Rapprochement of Cultures and is offering visitors an opportunity to view different perspectives of European architecture.”

27 August 2010          Inauguration of the Montenegro Exhibit (11:30 am – Goldoni Room) Places for Re-encounters – Recycling the Space

Exhibitors: Faculty of Architecture - Podgorica  and the Engineering Chamber of Montenegro

Authors: Andjelka Badnjar, Rifat Alihodžić , Krunoslav Ivanisin, Lulzim Kabashi
Commissary:  Goran Radovic                     
Deputy Commissary: Ljubo D. Stjepcevic
Project coordinator: Neda Milacic Bogdanovic

The Places for Re-encounters – Recycling the Space exhibit is comprised of three works which achieved international recognition during the last two years in various international competitions.

All three works have a common thread that unites them. It is the retransformation process from an existing deteriorated structure to offer a new quality of living space in the same location.

By “recycling” architectural space, existing structures can become modern places for encounters, work, recreation and entertainment.

27 August 2010          Inauguration of AFEX (France) Exhibit and AFEX Grand Prix (7 pm – Codussi Hall)

Every two years, the AFEX (French Architecture in the World) selects and awards the Grand Prix AFEX. This prize is supported by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, Culturesfrance and the UNESCO Venice Office.

For the 2010 edition, the jury has selected the Women’s University EWHA in Seoul, Korea of Dominique Perrault as the winning prize. The prize will be awarded by the Director General of the French Ministry of Culture and Communication on 27 August 2010 at the piano nobile of the UNESCO Venice Office.

The AFEX prize winner will also receive a unique portfolio of photos taken by the internationally acclaimed photographer, Juan-Manuel Castro Prieto.

Exhibition “Architecture and Photography”

A collection of photographs of the 10 Palmares projects will be displayed at the UNESCO Venice Office (Codussi Hall) weekdays from 10 am until 4pm from 28 August until 30 October 2010. Afterwards the photographic exhibition will travel to other French cities and be displayed in French Embassies worldwide.

28 August 2010          Inauguration of the Pavilion of the Republic of San Marino (11:30 am – Courtyard of Palazzo Zorzi)– Architecture in the small state/San Marino/ Nine photographers for nine forms of architecture

On 28 August, nine renowned photographers (Alberto Dedé; Moreno Gentili; Stefano Graziani; Pino Musi, Filippo Romano; Roberto Marossi; Alessandro Scotti; Richard Sympson; Luca Andreoni) will be displaying a collection of the most impressive photos taken from nine different forms of architecture visible in San Marino. The pavilion is located on the ground floor and is open to the public weekdays from 10 am until 4pm from 28 August until 30 October 2010 and on the following weekends (11 am until 5pm):

·         28 - 29 August

·         4 – 5 September

·         2 – 3 October

·         30 – 31 October

·         20 – 21 November


For further information, please visit the UNESCO Venice Office website:  http://www.unesco.org/venice or contact: Ms Olivera Jovanovska (email: o.jovanovska@unesco.org) Ms Tania Schiavon (email: t.schiavon@unesco.org)

Author(s): UNESCO Venice Media Advisory N°2010-05
Source: UNESCOVENICE PRESS 24-08-2010

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