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Reading Together. Best short-film reflecting the ideals of UNESCO at Ciak Junior Festival

© Gruppo Alcuni - Ciak Junior Festival - Awarding ceremony : Reading Together

Since 2001, UNESCO Venice Office collaborates with Gruppo Alcuni in supporting Ciak Junior - The Cinema made by Children, a creative approach aimed at promoting the future generations (school-aged youth) of film actors, screenwriters and directors. Youth are the main users of multimedia technology and youth-oriented media are the instruments of the future. During the XXII edition of the Ciak Junior Festival in May 2011 in Treviso, Italy, a selection was made of the movie representing and reflecting best the core values of UNESCO.

The Ciak Junior award for the Best Film went to "Reading Together" (Kollektivlesen) from Germany, a film produced by Bavaria Film GmbH. It is the story of Laura and of her daily rituals; every morning getting on the school bus and reading the newspaper of a male passenger. One day, she realizes that she may be more than just interested in his newspaper. Watch the film on Youtube.

The Gruppo Alcuni international TV project “Ciak” Junior is aimed at initiating children, aged 10 to 15, to the language of audiovisuals. It encompasses both the making and broadcasting of short films (10 minutes each) written by children and produced by the TV networks of participating countries. Stories written by children are collected within each country, and 1 to 6 maximum are chosen for production purposes. The films are then produced by the participating TV network. The films produced in each country are made available by each TV network for broadcasting in all the other participating countries.

"Ciak Junior" is broadcasted every year, in parallel to the Festival in Treviso, on Sunday mornings on the Italian network Canale 5. The films are also broadcasted by the participating broadcasters in all of the countries involved in the Festival.

links : http://www.alcuni.it/index.php?about-ciak-junior

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