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Regional conference on Integrated Protection of the Transboundary Prespa Region. Ohrid, FYR Macedonia. 16-18 February 2011

The Regional Conference titled “Integrated Protection of the Transboundary Prespa Region. Establishment of a trilateral UNESCO Biosphere Reserve at Prespa Lake” is organized by the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning from The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia in cooperation with UNESCO, UNDP, KfW and the Galicica National Park, and with the involvement of the tri-lateral Prespa Park Management Committee.


UNESCO support The conservation and protection of an ecosystem of such importance Prespa Lakes and their surrounding catchment not only renders a service to Nature, but it also creates opportunities for the economic development of the adjacent areas that belong to 3 countries : Albania, Greece and The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. UNESCO Venice Office’s support falls within the framework of site-based activities under development in the South-Eastern European Region for the promotion of MAB Biosphere Reserves as models for Sustainable Development, and with particular reference to the contribution of UNESCO to the achievement of UNDAF Outcome 3 on Environmental Protection, aiming at the improvement of National Capacities for the Management of Ecosystems and Biodiversity Conservation.

Rationale The planned regional conference wants to give the opportunity to look back on experience of conservation work in the Prespa region, to inform about the instrument of a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and discuss its applicability for the Prespa region. A transboundary biosphere reserve at Prespa Lake would provide the needed umbrella for the protected areas and conservation efforts in the region. The outcomes will provide valuable input to the discussion process led in the Prespa Park Management Committee. In course of the conference governments should be encouraged to give clear commitments to the long-term protection and transboundary development of the region. 

Objectives Presentation of the results obtained under the KfW Project Support to Galicica National Park and UNDP Project for Integrated Ecosystem Management in the Prespa Lakes Basin (Albania, The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Greece). Convening the government representatives and international conservation specialists to share and exchange on lessons learned by the multifold conservation projects at Prespa Lake. Exploring the potential benefits of and preconditions for nomination of the Prespa Region as a transboundary UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Providing technical input to the future PPMC on instruments for intensive coordination of activities in the Prespa region. Agreeing on preparatory steps for the further protection of the  transboundary Prespa Region.  

Participants and Organizers The conference will be hosted by the MoEPP from The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia . UNDP and NPG via the KfW project “Support to Galicia NP” will be responsible for its organization. Are expected to participate the Ministers of Environment of the 3 countries, the PPMC Members along with representatives from national and international stakeholders.

Programme and List of Participants soon available for download.


MOEPP http://www.moepp.gov.mk/

UNDP Macedonia http://www.undp.org.mk/

KfW Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau http://www.kfw.de

GTZ Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit http://www.gtz.de

Galicica National Park http://www.galicica.org.mk/

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