11.04.2012 - UNESCO Office in Venice

Science-Policy interactions in the field of water and climate change

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UNESCO is supportive of the three-year collaborative project PSI-connect funded under EC FP7 and a member of its Advisory Board. Through experimentation with and development of innovative knowledge brokering instruments, PSI-connect aims to improve the quality and value of interactions between the science base and river basin managers and policy makers in the field of climate change impacts on river systems.

'The future of science-policy connections' event scheduled from 19-20 April 2012 will be hosted by UNESCO at Palazzo Zorzi, its building in Venice.

The training workshop (19 April) and the final conference (20 April) will provide participants with insights into improving the quality and value of interactions between scientists, river basin managers and policy makers. Interactive sessions, reflections and experiences with knowledge brokering instruments will bring together an audience looking for new ways to strengthen the relationships between policy and science in the field of water management and climate change. 

Who will benefit from participating?

Scientists, policy makers, water managers, and NGO’s in the field of water management and climate change who are looking for new ways of strengthening the relationships between science, policy and society.

Particular invitation was extended to representatives of the UNESCO Natural Sciences Sector and of the IHP National Committees of SEE, Black Sea and Caucasus countries.

What will participants learn about?

The training workshop is designed to develop an understanding of how knowledge brokering processes can facilitate water management and how it can strengthen the links with society. The training will highlight: how knowledge brokering can support the bridging of the policy-science gap; and, how specific knowledge brokering tools can link science, policy and societal actors. The training workshop will give room for interaction, reflection and experiencing the process of knowledge brokering.

The final conference will focus on collaboration tools for more effective water management drawing on evidences from conducted case studies. The objectives are to guide policy makers and scientists to benefit from opportunities and to share good practices for successfully using collaboration tools. This event will consist of a combination of presentations and interactive sessions and will bring together a community of policy makers, scientists and professionals working with and between these communities.

Link : http://www.psiconnect.eu/

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