26.09.2011 - UNESCO Venice Office

Second Announcement released: 2011 International Conference on The Future of Venice and its Lagoon in the Context of Global Change

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The latest announcement for this Conference to be held in Venice (Italy) from 13 to 15 November 2011, has been published and made available for viewing and download. The event is organised by the UNESCO Venice Office and the Municipality of Venice in collaboration with the Venice International University, with the financial support of the Italian Government. It has received the patronage of national and local authorities. This announcement features an updated list of speakers and partners for the event, and also includes several Panel Discussions during the Conference to facilitate debate.

This will give an opportunity to key Venetian authorities and institutions to respond to the summary reports from the 3 break-out sessions held on the cultural, socio-economic and environmental challenges facing Venice and other Lagoon cities worldwide.  It is envisioned that it will enable the leaders of Venice to clearly define the way forward for their city, and to establish it as a positive role model that other World Heritage and Lagoon cities can one day emulate.

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