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Site management plan for the Ancient City of Ani

© haigoes - Ruins on the ancient site of Ani

The UN Joint Programme on "Alliances for Culture Tourism in Eastern Anatolia" initiated and led the process for the preparation of the management plan for the ancient site of Ani, provided technical assistance to this end, and activated partnerships between all relevant stakeholders with an inclusive participatory approach. Various meetings and workshops were held with the aim of developing professional and institutional capacities for the management of Ani.

"Ani inhabited since Bronze Age until the beginning of New Age, exhibits all the richness and variety of the development of  urbanism, architecture and art of Middle Age, is one of the first entrance points of Turks at their arrival to Anatolia on the Silk Road. Furthermore, Ani hosts the first ever Turkish Mosque in as well as the first Seljuk Tablet” was defined as the cultural importance Ani as one of the results of the second workshop held from 29 May-2 June 2010 in Kars.

The process involved central and local authorities, local communities and civil society, the Ani Site Management Advisory Board and other related stakeholders and professionals. As a result, an “Ani Site Management Plan Development Framework” was formulated and approved and a 5-year draft management plan has been prepared and submitted for finalisation and approval by the relevant authorities. In addition, a revised and updated map of the Ani Archaeological Site was prepared and integrated into the digital information/management system developed under the UN Joint Programme. The experience acquired through all phases of this activity will provide a reference and good practices for the preparation of management plans of other sites in Turkey.

Dowload : Ani Site Management Plan Development Framework Final Report

More : http://www.mdgf-tr.org

This activity has been realised within the scope of the UN Joint Programme “Alliances for Culture Tourism in Eastern Anatolia”, generously financed by the Government of Spain and aimed at safeguarding cultural heritage and promoting cultural tourism in the province of Kars.

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