09.12.2010 -

Skopje Regional Centre on Digitisation of Cultural Heritage holds a training course to mark its successful establishment

On 13 December 2010, the Skopje Regional Centre for Digitisation of Cultural Heritage (RECEDIG) will launch a national training course to celebrate the final phase of the establishment of the Centre. The project for its establishment, financed since 2004 by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Italian Development Cooperation) and managed by the UNESCO Venice Office, is approaching its conclusion.


To mark the successful implementation of the project, and reinforce the capacity of local professionals, the Macedonian Ministry of Culture – Cultural Heritage Protection Office, will organise this one-week training course, with the participation of international trainers and experts. The course will build upon the training activities carried out during the project’s previous phases, and enable participants to better operate in future in the field of collection, storage, and management of digital archives data. The training programme will include a public session for the presentation of the project final results, with the participation of representatives from UNESCO, the Macedonian Ministry of Culture, and the Italian Embassy in Sarajevo.

In particular, the project for the establishment of the regional Centre has allowed to reach the following results:

- enhanced capacities for the conservation and management of the Macedonian cultural heritage;

- definition and approval of a National Strategy for the Digitisation of Cultural Heritage;

- establishment of the Centre for the Digitisation of Cultural Heritage (including the selection and hiring of the Centre’s staff), located in Skopje;

- organisation of international seminars and workshops;

- organisation of training activities and enhanced capacities of Macedonian institutions and professionals on the digitisation of cultural heritage.

Beyond its national dimension and functions, the Centre will operate as a platform for strengthening cooperation on the digitisation of cultural heritage in South-Eastern Europe, as part of the UNESCO Venice Office strategy for the creation of regional centres of excellence in the various domains of cultural heritage safeguarding and promotion. In this regard, the Centre will operate to promote professional exchange, coordination, standardisation, and the sharing of good practices between the countries of South-Eastern Europe.

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