27.06.2012 - UNESCO Office in Venice/DaO Conference

Stakeholders around the globe discuss United Nations reform

©dao5conference.org- Opening day of the fifth high-level intergovernmental conference on Delivering as One

The Government of Albania, United Nations representatives, experts, multilateral and bilateral cooperation authorities from more than 40 countries across the world were present today at the opening of the fifth High Level Intergovernmental Conference on Delivering as One.

Over 200 participants will discuss, during the next three days, the lessons learned throughout the implementation of the UN reform process in several parts of the world, its impact at country level, regional and UN system-wide level, and the future of this initiative.

Present at the opening session, the Prime Minister of Albania, Mr. Sali Berisha highlighted: “I am grateful to you representatives of different countries from all continents who are present today in this conference, to discuss together one of the most important initiatives, the main United Nations results of this initiative, an initiative which started a few years ago under the slogan "Delivering as One". Within a short period, the pilot initiative was confirmed as a successful test that withstood time and today the number of countries that are engaged in this process has increased 4 times. Albania had the opportunity to be one of the first countries selected for this pilot initiative and I can say that in these years, under this motto, there is a qualitative change in the relations and cooperation between my country and the agencies of the United Nations, whose contribution has been essential in the country’s development. Albania’s cooperation with the United Nations is a success story. The Prime Minister noted that the Government of Albania is fully engaged and committed with great devotion to match the millennium development goals with the integration objectives. “The millennium development goals are fair targets and important objectives for Albania, as they were a great incentive to meet the obligations in the process of European integration. I assure you that my government remains committed to further consolidate the ONE UN approach”, Mr. Berisha concluded.

A video message from the Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon was aired. In his video message the Secretary General amongst others underlined: ”The United Nations can foster progress that cuts across different areas, from human rights to economy, from social justice to the environment. I applaud the Delivering as One countries for their vision, leadership and determination. Now that the pilot phase is coming to an end, we have to carry the reform to the next level. That will require all the leadership and determined action. I count on all of you to be part of this important drive for progress. Where we Deliver as One we can deliver better for all.”

The Chair of the United Nations Development Group (UNDG), Ms. Helen Clark, present at the event highlighted: ”Indeed, in the context of multi-dimensional challenges the world is currently facing, fragmented approaches and solutions are simply no longer acceptable. The UN development system must be part of the solution, not part of the problem. This Conference clearly demonstrates our commitment to improve the way we work for better development outcomes on the ground.” Further on Ms. Clark went on saying: “This is clearly reflected in the recently released independent evaluation of Delivering as One, which provides an important contribution to the discussion on the future of the UN reform and how we can best work together for the benefit of all. One of the Evaluation’s most significant findings is that through the Delivering as One approach the UN development system has been better positioned to apply the kind of integrated policy solutions and responses needed to address the multi-dimensional and interlinked challenges of our time. In conclusion, Ms. Clark highlighted: “After five years of implementing the Delivering as One approach – first working with the eight pilot countries, and then with a range of self-starters – and after numerous reports, evaluations, and conferences, we are reaching a turning point in the process of UN reform. This Conference therefore takes place at a pivotal point in time. The discussions on the QCPR start in only a few weeks, and now is a unique occasion to identify concrete recommendations on the way forward, based on what we have learned.

In his opening speech the Albanian Minister of Innovation and Information and Communication Technology, Mr. Genc Pollo said: “The Albanian Government appreciates especially the new vision that the One UN initiative has brought the coherence and cooperation among UN agencies and national and international partners, thus guaranteeing full leadership of the government in the implementation of this initiative.” 

In 2007 the governments of eight countries - Albania, Cape Verde, Mozambique, Pakistan, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uruguay, and Viet Nam volunteered to pilot the “Delivering as One” initiative to respond to the challenges of a changing world and test how the UN family can provide development assistance in a more coordinated manner. Since then, this initiative has been voluntarily adopted by 21 other countries and a growing number of countries are asking to be included in the reforming process.

An outcome document is expected to come out of the conference highlighting the way forward of the Delivering as One UN approach.

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