30.11.2007 -

Start off of the UNHSTF on Community Reconciliation through Poverty Reduction. Bosnia and Herzegovina. November 2007

Wikipedia/MarijanPanoramic view of the City of Stolac

A decade after the end of civil strife, Bosnia and Herzegovina is still facing difficulties arising from post-conflict challenges. Despite its immense income generating potentials in tourism, a high unemployment rate and a large number of remaining land mines hinder economic recovery and development. This project aims at realizing long-term socio-economic development in municipalities of Stolac, Trebinje and the South-East District of the City of Mostar by assisting municipalities in capacity-building activities.


The following activities will be implemented:

Removing landmines from approximately 180,000 square meters of land to be used for income generating activities;

Improving capacities of local government and communities in waste management to increase public health and better living conditions for residents in the region;

Supporting local government, NGOs and citizens to start up small scale businesses in tourism through providing technical support and micro-finance allocation;

Restoring cultural and historical heritages in each municipality site as part of the local efforts for dialogue and reconciliation.

The project was approved in June 2007 and received the financial assistance (US$ 2,349,597.83) under the UN Trust Fund for Human Security established with the contribution of the Government of Japan.

It will be implemented by UNDP and UNESCO.  In accordance with the signed agreement, the project initiated in November 2007 and is expected to terminate in October 2009. The total UNESCO allocation for the project for its entire duration, including overheads, amounts to $300,000.

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