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Streaming videos : Congress on the Tegnue of Chioggia

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Watch the videos of the 4 presentations (Italian) in webstreaming.


The Congress on the Tegnue of Chioggia. A proposal of recognition by UNESCO was held at Palazzo Zorzi on past 13 May 2010 at 4pm. organized by Club UNESCO for all those who which to protect a precious part of the sea.


Videos (speakers)

Piero Mescalchin (video) Watch
presidente Associazione "Tegnue di Chioggia" - onlus

Giuliano Bellieni (video) Watch
prof. Ordinario Responsabile Unità Operativa di Padova
Istituto di Geoscienze e Georisorse – CNR

Gianluca Franceschini (video) Watch
dr. biologo - I.S.P.R.A. - Struttura Tecnico Scientifica Chioggia (Ve)

Cristina Stefani (video) Watch
prof. Associato di petrografia del Sedimentario Dipartimento di Geoscienze - Università di Padova

Note : all videos are in Italian. In order to view the movies, you must have the Macromedia Flash Player installed.

Tegnùe are found in the northern Adriatic Sea at depths of between 15 and 40 metres. Their dimensions vary from small isolated blocks to outcrops hundreds of metres wide. The largest and most well known outcrops are located out of Chioggia. Tegnùe are biogenic carbonate rocks built by marine organisms. They initially grow on existing hard bottoms formed by cemented sand. They have developed into natural reefs over the last 3-4.000 years. They differ from tropical coral reefs because here the main builder organisms are not corals but calcareous red algae, called "Corallines".

The natural value of this unique habitat was recognized in August 2002 when it was constituted a Protected Area where fishing activities are prohibited. Protection for the area was promoted by the Chioggia Municipality, Research Institutes, the Regional administration, Ministry of Agricultural and Forestry Policy, Coast Guard, fishing associations and tour operators. Thanks to skill of Piero Mescalchin and his underwater films, today these diverse groups work together, within the "Tegnue di Chioggia" association, to protect and promote this unique environment.

UNESCO Contact :
Philippe Pypaert at p.pypaert(at)unesco.org

Associazione "TEGNUE DI CHIOGGIA" Contact:
Website : www.tegnue.it
Email : tegnue(at)tegnue.it


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