26.07.2012 - UNESCO Venice Office

Mosaic Conservation and Training of Conservators in South East Europe


Just released are the website mosaics.org and the 29-page report that presents the results of the Regional Survey on Mosaic Conservation and Training of Conservators in Southeast Europe undertaken by the Central Institute for Conservation in Belgrade – CIK, in partnership with the National Academy of Arts in Sofia and the regional Alliance for South-East Europe (ICOM SEE), and with the support of the UNESCO Venice Office. Maja Franković, MA, senior conservator, and Branislava Lazarević, MA, conservator-associate at the Department for Archaeological Sites, Central Institute for Conservation in Belgrade, coordinated the study.

The survey was initiated in 2008 to determine the region’s capacities in relation to ancient mosaic heritage, its state of conservation and existing conservation resources; and, to raise awareness at regional level, amongst professionals and national authorities, about the needs for a more structured and active protection of ancient mosaic heritage in the region. The survey, conducted under the auspices of the Central Institute for Conservation in Belgrade, involved the following 8 countries of the region: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia and The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. 

The survey analyses the state of conservation and conservation resources of ancient mosaic heritage - mosaic pavements on archaeological sites and mosaics in museum collections, and assesses the number of people working in mosaic conservation, their professional qualifications, as well as the existence of academic study programmes and professional training programmes.

The survey results are being incorporated into a database available to all participating institutions and the final report will be distributed to the Ministries of Culture of all concerned countries. This will allow for a better planning of conservation projects by determining priorities, help create educational programmes, at local or regional levels, as well as initiate projects for the restoration of mosaics as a tool for dialogue and development in the region.

Amongst its recommendations, the report suggests training programmes in mosaic conservation, annual meetings of mosaic conservators from the region, establishment of a website platform on mosaic conservation in South-East Europe. The website is online: http://seemosaics.org 

Link: http://www.cik.org.rs

Contact: Maja Franković maja.frankovic(at)cik.org.rs

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