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The State-of-the-art in Cultural Cooperation

© UNESCO Venice OfficeMinisterial Conference, Cetinje 2010

On 20 November 2010 an extraordinary meeting of the South-Eastern European Ministries of Culture will take place in Venice, jointly organized by the UNESCO Venice Office and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Directorate General for Development Cooperation. The meeting will be hosted by the Biennale of Venice, within the prestigious premises of the Biennale, Ca’ Giustinian (1364 San Marco).


Participants in the meeting will be deputy Ministers and high level officials from the Ministries of Culture representing Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Republic of Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia.

The Mayor of Venice, Giorgio Orsoni, and the President of the Biennale of Venice, Paolo Baratta, will open the meeting with their welcoming addresses. The works will be chaired by the Director of the General Directorate for Development Cooperation of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Elisabetta Belloni, together with Engelbert Ruoss, Director of the UNESCO Venice Office.

The main objective of the meeting will be to assess the state-of-the-art in the implementation of the existing agreements on cultural cooperation in South-Eastern Europe, and to steer the continuation of this cooperation process.

The press is warmly invited to attend the opening session of the meeting beginning at 9:30 am at Cà Giustinian.

At the same time, the meeting will be the occasion to publically present the numerous achievements attained by the project “Cultural Heritage – a Bridge towards a Shared Future”, generously financed by the Italian Government (Italian Development Cooperation) and implemented by UNESCO through its Regional Office for Science and Culture in Europe, seated in Venice. Over the period 2005-2010, the project allowed realizing 18 major activities for the safeguarding and promotion of cultural heritage in South-Eastern Europe, including:

·       realization of the Archaeological Map of Albania;

·       support to training courses at the Centre for Restoration of Monuments in Tirana, Albania;

·       support to Traditional Arts and Crafts in Bosnia and Herzegovina;

·       support to the rehabilitation of 3 museums on national history in Bosnia and Herzegovina;

·       promotion of the Thracian archaeological heritage and cultural tourism in Bulgaria;

·       support to the establishment of the International Centre for Underwater Archaeology in Zadar, Croatia;

·       promotion of the Macedonian Cultural tangible and intangible Heritage;

·       support to the establishment of the National Agency for Inspection and Restoration of Monuments in the Republic of Moldova;

·       promotion of Museums and cultural heritage in Montenegro;

·       promotion of Cultural Heritage Information Centres and cultural tourism in Romania;

·       safeguarding and promotion of the medieval fortresses along the Danube, in Serbia;

·       support to the preparation of a multinational candidature file for the inscription on the World Heritage List, involving Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia.

As a special cultural event associated with the meeting, a traditional SEE folklore musical performance “The Sound of Tradition(s)” will take place on Saturday 20 November 2010 at 9.30 pm at the Salone ex Teatro Ridotto, at Hotel Monaco & Gran Canal, Venice. Performing artists will include Stevan Cavor (Montenegro); Svetlana Vukosavljevic (Serbia) and the musical group Balkan di.Fusion.

The performance will be preceded by an official dinner for the representatives of the participating countries, kindly hosted by the City of Venice.

Author(s): UNESCO Venice Media Advisory N°2010-10

Source: UNESCOVENICE PRESS 17-11-2010


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