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The UNESCO Club of Rome delivers its contribution for the rebirth of the City of Science

©cittadellascienza - UNESCO Club of Rome delivers its contribution for the rebirth of the City of Science

On 28 June 2013, the UNESCO Club of Rome handed over to Prof. Silvestrini its contribution to the rebirth of the City of Science in Naples. "With this contribution we want to blame and discourage violence and, support the cultural and civic engagement," said the Hon. Carla Mazzuca, President of the UNESCO Club of Rome.

"The heartfelt words of the President of the Italian National Commission for UNESCO, Prof. Giovanni Puglisi, could not go unheeded. The UNESCO Club of Rome wanted to concretely react to the cultural wound inflicted by the heinous arson not only to the City of Science in Naples, but to the Italian and worldwide culture. I wish - he continued - that many other cultural associations and clubs existing in Italy will share our choice and join our initiative."

The delivery of the contribution was held in the presence of Mario Scalet, Head of the Science Unit at the UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science and Culture in Europe, Venice (Italy).

The meeting was an opportunity to strengthen relations of cooperation among the UNESCO Venice Office, the City of Science, NGOs and UNESCO on the role of science in development cooperation also in view of the forthcoming World Science Day for Peace and Development to be held at the City of Science on 9-10 November 2013.

The City of Science is an initiative for the promotion and popularization of science run by the Fondazione IDIS-Città della Scienza and implemented through a multi-purpose facility located in Naples, consisting of an interactive science museum, a business incubator and a training center.

Original news article (in Italian): Venerdì 28 giugno: Il Club Unesco di Roma consegna il suo contributo per la rinascita di Città della Scienza

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