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Tools for Identifying Biodiversity: Progress and Problems

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The congress on Biodiversity Education and Divulgation organised by KeyToNature, EDIT and STERNA in cooperation with the UNESCO Venice Office will take place over 20-22 September 2010 at the Grand Amphithéatre of the National Museum of Natural History (MNHN) in Paris (France). In line with the UN International Year of Biodiversity, the congress is a joint effort among 3 European projects dedicated to biodiversity and/or biological identification.


The congress offers an opportunity to provide an overview of recent advances in this field. It aims at stimulating integration of existing methods and systems, fostering communication amongst different research groups, and laying the foundations for integrated projects in the next decade.

The scientific programme of the congress is subdivided into 4 sessions:

• Interactive identification tools based on morpho-anatomical data
• Molecular and biochemical methods for the identification of organisms
• Identification and education
• Industrial and practical applications of the new identification tools: case studies and markets

The proceedings of the event are available for downloaded at : http://dbiodbs1.units.it/bioidentify/index.html.

In the book, the reader will find short presentations of major current and upcoming projects (EDIT, KeyToNature, STERNA, Species 2000, Fishbase, BHL, ViBRANT, etc.) in the field of biodiversity, plus a large panel of short articles on software, taxonomic applications, use of e-keys in the educational field, and practical applications.

About 150 researchers are expected to participate in this international congress.

The 3 EU projects jointly organising the event are: KeyToNature (http://www.keytonature.eu), EDIT (European Distributed Institute of Taxonomy, http://www.e-taxonomy.eu), and STERNA (Semantic Web-based Thematic European Reference Network Application, http://www.sterna-net.eu).

They are co-funded by the European Commission in the eContentplus Programme (KeyToNature, STERNA) and the Sixth Framework Programme FP6 (EDIT).

Website: http://www.bioidentify.eu

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Congress Contact : Organising Committee at organising.committee(at)bioidentify.eu

UNESCO Contact : Davide Poletto at d.poletto(at)unesco.org


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