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Underwater archaeology: ICUA Zadar offers basic training for experts from SEE countries

© UNESCO/D. Frka :Objects recovered from shipwreck

Underwater archaeology is an aspect of archaeological science that deals with the study of submerged material remains and traces of human culture. An interest for the world to be found under the surface of water has existed for a long time and Alexander the Great was alleged to have dived in a diving bell to see the wonders of the submarine world. The International Centre on Underwater Archaeology (ICUA), regional centre (category 2) under the auspices of UNESCO, has organised with the support of the UNESCO Venice Office a training course on underwater archaeology, in Zadar, Croatia.

The Centre carries out educational activities in field of exploration, conservation and restoration of the underwater cultural heritage. It promotes the ratification and implementation of the 2001 Convention by developing and sharing state-of-the-art methods of research in underwater archaeology, conservation and restoration, training and exchange of knowledge. It operates respecting the principles of the Convention and its annexes and contributes to building capacity in other countries in the region.

The two-week basic course on underwater archaeology which started today will run up to 11 June 2011. It consists of theoretical and practical instruction in the basic techniques of underwater archaeological excavation. Archaeologists from ICUA and the University of Zadar will conduct theoretical lessons, complemented by courses in diving and specialty diving according to the requirements of the Scuba Schools International (SSI) system. Practical instruction will take place in the frame of archaeological researches in the Zadar environs, in order to allow the participants to acquire the best possible knowledge of basic research techniques.

Beneficiaries are archaeologists with no, or scarce, diving experience, as well as experts in different disciplines (conservators, geologists, marine biologists, etc) interested in developing multidisciplinary skills and participate in underwater archaeology researches.

The participants are coming from the countries taking part in the annual Ministerial Conferences on Cultural Heritage in South-Eastern Europe (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Serbia and The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia).

Link : http://icua.hr/en/events/129-poetni-teaj-podvodne-arheologije


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