21.06.2011 - UNESCO Venice Office

UNESCO announces the Regional Summer School on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Governance in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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UNESCO has been entrusted by the international community with promoting education and international cooperation on renewable energy since the establishment of the World Solar Commission in 1995. The Declaration on Solar Energy and Sustainable Development of the World Solar Summit in Harare recognizes the significance of the role of solar and other sources of renewable energy to reduce environmental degradation caused by the adverse impact of human activities. As a result, UNESCO has become the executing agency for the Global Renewable Energy Education and Training Programme (GREET). UNESCO has been pursuing these goals worldwide in collaboration with the international Sustainable Energy Development Centre (ISEDC), UNESCO Chairs on Renewable Energies (Res) and through the support of its Field Offices.

Lately REs have become increasingly intertwined with climate change due to a broader recognition of the growing role of energy in achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and in climate change mitigation policies, facing a global trend of continuing growth in energy consumption.

UNESCO Venice Office continues to provide its support to training, networking and conference activities on renewable energy in South-East Europe (SEE). This new strategy at the regional level should be increasingly tackled through an interdisciplinary approach by leveraging the knowledge and expertise of UNESCO programmes and coalesce internal/external resources accordingly.

In such a perspective, natural sciences will interface with social sciences, and the basic and engineering sciences will interface with ethics. The UNESCO designated sites will be proposed as territorial test areas where pioneering initiatives can bond green technologies and policies to good practices for enhancing renewable energy and energy efficiency governance.

The Regional Summer School on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Governance is organized by UNESCO Venice Office in collaboration with GIZ (German Agency for International Cooperation) Open Regional Fund for South East Europe – Energy Efficiency, the Regional Education and Information Centre (REIC) in Fojnica, Bosnia and Herzegovina from 23 August to 3 September 2011.

This multidisciplinary school is also characterized by a multilevel approach. Particular focus will be devoted to interlink international, regional and local scales with both different dimensions inherent to the energy issues and multiple teaching methodologies. It will combine training classes with team work exercises. Field study trips will be enhanced with dedicated documentary projections and general discussions.

The Summer School will also benefit of the training activities under the EU funded project: “Ener Supply”. Students will be offered trainings on drafting energy related proposals under IPA and FERS funds as well as on developing local business plan for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency. The summer school will also provide basic tools for ecological footprint and carbon footprint computing exercises.

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