25.11.2010 -

UNESCO Club Lecture : Drinkable Water in the Light of the Local Public Services Reform: No Sprawling Privatization

The UNESCO Venice Office opens its doors to a UNESCO Club public conference organised by AATO Lagoon of Venice.


The General Assembly UN - Resolution A/64/l.63/Rev.1, 28 July 2010 - declares: safe and clean drinking water and sanitation is a human right essential to the full enjoyment of life and all other human rights .

The UNESCO Club lecture on "Drinkable Water in the Light of the Local Public Services Reform: No Sprawling Privatization" will be convened at Palazzo Zorzi in Venice (Italy) on 2 December 2010, 4 pm. Invited speakers are : Tullio Cambruzzi - direttore generale A.A.T.O. LAGUNA DI VENEZIA. With the participation of: UNESCO Venice Office representative . Presentation by : Paolo Avrese - Delegato all’Ambiente – Sviluppo Sostenibile del Club Unesco Venezia.

Announcement available for download from right menu. For more information, please visit the A.A.T.O. Lagoon of Venice website : http://www.atolagunadivenezia.it/ 

AATO (Autorità d’ambito territoriale ottimale) was established on 29 July 2008 under the coordination of the Province of Venice.The Authority plans and controls, according to National Law n. 36 of the year 1994 (“Galli Law”), the Integrated Water System (I.W.S.) of a catchment basin including 25 municipalities (also Venice) within 2 Provinces of the Veneto Region: Venice and Treviso.The AATO’s territorial jurisdiction covers an area of 1.266 square kilometers, where about 650.000 people live and where 4 Water Service Companies currently work.

The lowest common denominator of the AATO’s territorial jurisdiction is the receiving body of all the discharges: the Lagoon of Venice.The planning of the water services and resources is based on the Water Master Plan, whose main targets are an efficient, effective, cheap management of the resource, the protection and the environmental safeguard of the land, together with solidarity and social participation.


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