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UNESCO Club Lecture : Experimental preparation of a hydrogen water boat

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The UNESCO Venice Office opens its doors to a UNESCO Club public conference featuring Hydrogen Park's intervention in the frame of the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (DESD) 2005-2014.


The lecture on "Experimental preparation of a hydrogen water boat" will be convened at Palazzo Zorzi in Venice (Italy) on 18 November 2010, 4 pm. Invited speakers are : Gianni Perini - Direttore di Hydrogen Park; Raffaele Franco - Responsabile Marketing Scientifico e Coordinamento Progetti di Venezia Tecnologie SpA. With the participation of: Mario Scalet - Head Science Unit, UNESCO Venice office. Presentation by : Paolo Avrese - Delegato all’Ambiente – Sviluppo Sostenibile del Club Unesco Venezia.

Available  the poster for download from right menu. For more information, visit the event page website (Italian) :


Extract of the "Hydrogen Park brochure" : a foreword by Luca Zaia, President of the Veneto Region

Research moves the development of a territory. And the research started by the Ministry of Environment and Protection of the Territory and Sea and the Veneto Region pertaining to hydrogen and its utilizations aims exactly at this goal.

Beginning with the initial idea of establishing a Hydrogen District at Porto Marghera, which has spurred also the establishment of the Hydrogen Park Consortium, the research projects subjects of this book were brought to life, which explains, analyses and looks to the future with the intentions of spreading how much the Region and the Ministry are doing for the enterprises and territory for innovation and outlook to the future.

Based on the 2005 Action Plan Agreement signed between the two institutions up to the definition of an Addendum in 2009, we have provided for the development of a series of new projects on production, distribution and use of hydrogen. The Objective: develop, by involving the business sector, the hydrogen technology necessary to special sectors and productive sites, starting with Porto Marghera where the first electric plant fuelled exactly by hydrogen has been built. Together with the technological development, the researches aimed at understanding how to overcome the legislative or safety problems that could hinder the development of hydrogen, a source of clean and useful energy. Just consider that the energy produced at Porto Marghera about 60 million of Kw per year, is capable of meeting the needs of 20,000 families, thus preventing the emission of over 17,000 tons of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Optimising production ad use of energy and reduce polluting emissions in the air are, however, the primary objectives of the Protocol of sharing the strategic lines for the upgrading and development of Porto Marghera. In order to achieve these objectives, the Region, through Veneto Innovazione S.p.A. will foster the support of public and private Companies and Institutions operating in these sectors. 

Acquiring, developing and exporting new technologies open a broad range of opportunities for employment and development for the Veneto Region. And Porto Marghera, through the construction of a hydrogen plant by Enel and related research and development programme can represent a benchmark and incentive for the research in the energy field and build today, in Veneto, a new future. 

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