12.05.2011 - UNESCO Venice Office

UNESCO participation to the 10th edition of the European Forum for Science and Technology

© Česká hlava -10th edition of the European Forum for Science and Technology, Prague

The international conference “10th European Forum for Science and Technology Prague” to be held on 19 May 2011 in Prague, Czech Republic, is organized by Česká hlava (Czech Brains) in cooperation with the University of Economics, Prague (VŠE). The main topic of this yearly international forum is “Science in the Changing World“. Leading scientists, industrialists, politicians and representatives of academia regularly meet in Prague. The ambition of the project is to create functional and efficient bridges between these elites which often exist too separately and communicate little among them and to offer space for the exchange of ideas and experience indirectly promoting better communication and cohesion of scientific and other research stations with the commercial sector.

Four Nobel prize winners, Timothy Hunt (UK - Medicine), Carlo Rubbia (Italy - Physics), Richard J. Roberts (UK - Medicine), and Kurt Wüthrich (Switzerland -Chemistry) – along with other eminent persons will participate in the morning Forum programme : Core Speeches and MFDnes Journal “Nobel Prize” Forum.

Engelbert Ruoss, Director of UNESCO Venice Office will represent UNESCO Natural Sciences sector in the Core speeches with a presentation titled: “Will Small Countries’ Science Get Lost in the EU Common Research Space?”.

The afternoon will be devoted to the Czech Chemistry Society Forum “Chemistry for Society 2011“ and Academy of Science Forum “European Research Networks “.

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