10.10.2009 -

UNESCO Venice contribution to the exhibition on Cultures and Developments

Yann Arthus Bertrand / UNESCO, Menuka, James Olivier, Jésus Natividad / Perez Palomonio, Mab / UNESCO

The exhibition on “Cultures and Developments” launched yesterday will be held throughout the General Conference from 6-23 October 2009. This inter-sectoral, interdisciplinary exhibition seeks to show the ways in which culture and cultures affect the quality and sustainability of development in the eight key domains of water, cities, heritage, education, health, languages, change and business.

UNESCOVENICE webnews (UNESCO) 6/10/2009 :

Organized as a series of open areas that interact with each other, the exhibition prompts visitors to explore the issues through numerous presentations. The exhibition windows include different themes, among which “Living with change” and a special feature on the “MDG Achievement Fund”.

UNESCO Venice will present together with Gruppo Alcuni 2 animated projects in the window ‘Living with change’:

- H2Ooooh! a project jointly developed to encourage children to invent short stories on the theme of water and on the issues connected to its use, to its exploitation and its limited supply. The most interesting stories have been transformed into actual animated cartoons. Using colorful and amusing "Pet Pals", children around the world can make their creative contribution in promoting science education.

- “AND YET IT MOVES - GALILEO” an innovative TV programme - a mix of live action and 2D animation -, created by Gruppo Alcuni in collaboration with Rai Fiction. It will be filled with useful information and facts to encourage young viewers to be more aware of the world and of the problems facing our planet. The head artist Sergio and his assistant Francesco come face to face with Galileo Galilei. And so begins a series of “modern fairytales” on some very important issues such as water and energy resources, waste, pollution, climate change, the extinction of animal species and plants, intercultural dialogue, food and much more.

The videos will be screened on 14 October 2009 at 6 pm. at the Cinema of the Fontenoy Building.

UNESCO Venice will contribute to the special feature on “MDG Achievement Fund” by illustrating a series of presentations on 3 joint programmes under the Thematic Window on Culture and Development :

- Albania : Culture and Heritage for Social and Economic Development UNESCO has cooperated with the Government of Albania and UNDP to create a joint programme that will promote, preserve and protect Albania’s cultural heritage over the next two and a half years. The joint programme will also work with the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sports, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, local governments, NGOs and the private sector to increase awareness of the importance of Albania’s cultural heritage and the role it does and can play in Albania’s social and economic development. Key projects include the rehabilitation of the National History Museum in Tirana, transforming it into a modern cultural institution that has a greater interaction with the citizens of Tirana, safeguarding the country’s archaeological heritage, preserving Albania’s cinematic heritage and historic cities, and providing support to Albania’s participation in the Alliance of Civilizations.

- Bosnia and Herzegovina : Improving Cultural Understanding in Bosnia and HerzegovinaThe joint programme aims to strengthen cross-cultural understanding by: (i) improving the cultural policy and legal framework, (ii) improving cross-cultural understanding, (iii) strengthening the cultural industries, and (iv) improving tolerance towards diversity. Activities include undertaking pilot projects on intangible cultural heritage, improving educational and cultural policies, holding public debates and providing technical assistance to the tourism and handicrafts industries. This joint programme will help build social cohesion, develop greater respect for interculturalism, and increase awareness of cultural commonalities. Implemented with UNDP and UNICEF and in partnership with Ministries of Civil Affairs and Foreign Affairs, Entity Ministries of Culture and of Education, the Commission to Preserve National Monuments of BiH, Cantonal Ministries of Education, Universities, Municipal authorities, NGOs and the media.

- Turkey : Alliances for Culture Tourism (ACT) in Eastern Anatolia In partnership with the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Kars Governorate, Kars Municipality and City Council as well as local tourism businesses, UNESCO is working with UNDP, UNICEF and UNWTO to mobilize the culture sector in Turkey’s Eastern Anatolia. It will result in increased incomes for the people of Kars contributing to the realization of poverty reduction at a localized level. In specific the joint program will develop the cultural tourism sector in Kars contributing to social cohesion by recognizing pluralism and by reducing income disparities between people of Kars and the rest of the country. The Joint Program contributes to the achievement of poverty reduction in Kars and its environs through leveraging the cultural tourism sector in a way which fosters social cohesion and creates income opportunities for the poor.

The presentations will be screened all throughout the General Conference. 

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