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UNESCO Venice Newsletter – Issue N°4 2010 (October–December)

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Published quarterly in English, it covers UNESCO news and programmes in Italy and in the South-East European region

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This fourth issue focuses on the  results attained by the Office, its mandate and focus areas. Particular attention is given to the successful implementation of joint activities oriented towards strengthening scientific and cultural cooperation in the region, reflecting shared objectives by both the Office and its host country, Italy. It features articles about UN initiatives and joint programming in the region, Science and Culture activities, and it closes with a back story.

All articles are free of copyright and may be reproduced providing that the issue is credited.


HEADLINES                     2

Director-General Official visit to Italy


Main Focus Areas            3


PART 1                               4&5 

Management Plan for the World Heritage Site Venice and its Lagoon
From Global to Regional: Local Sea Level Rise Scenarios
World Science Day - 10 November 2010
REIC Summer School visit


PART 1                               6&7

Cultural Heritage – a Bridge towards a Shared Future
Good Practices and the Digisation of Cultural Heritage in SEE                  
National History Museums in SEE
Intangible Cultural Heritage: a World Stage for the Venetian Traditions


PART 1 & 2                 8 & 9

Media, Citizens & Intercultural communication
Capacities building: Heritage & Creativity
Minstrels – a living tradition of Turkey

IN BRIEF                         10

Treasures from Montenegro

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