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Veneto : tradition, safeguarding and continuity

From 11 to 12 February 2011, the Italian National Commission for UNESCO and the Regione del Veneto will be convening at the Sale Monumentali della Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana (Piazzetta San Marco, 13/a), Venice, Italy an international conference titled 'Il veneto: tradizione, tutela, continuità'.


The aim of this encounter will be to underline the historical and cultural importance of language diversity on a national, regional and international level.

In the essay De vulgari eloquentia (On Eloquence in the vernacular) written in Latin, Dante Alighieri  tackles the historical evolution of language, which he thinks was born unitary and, at a later stage, was separated into different idioms because of the presumptuousness demonstrated by humankind at the time of the building of the Tower of Babel.

Italian was often an official language of the various Italian states pre-dating unification, slowly usurping Latin, even when ruled by foreign powers, even though the masses spoke primarily vernacular languages and dialects. Today Italian is spoken as a native language by about 70 million people in Italy, Malta, San Marino and parts of Switzerland, and immigrant communities around the world.

The working language of the conference will be Italian.

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Source : wikipedia/Dante Alghieri, Italian, Veneto

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