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Water for Life: Fundamentals of Integrated Water Resources Management

Book cover : Water for Life: Fundamentals of Integrated Water Resources Management

Both "Water for Life: Fundamentals of Integrated Water Resources Management" and "Water for Life : Handbook for BiH Primary Schools" were published by the Hydro Engineering Institute (Sarajevo) and printed within the Goal Wash component of the MDG-F Joint Programme on "Democratic Economic Governance of Water Access", financed by the Spanish Fund for the Achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.

The book and the handbook, prepared with the support of UNESCO and released at the end of 2011, will be used as handy tools in the curriculum of primary and secondary schools. They represent a novel approach to teaching younger generations about the importance of water. Even though there are differences in the way people relate to water worldwide, we all recognize its value. This is why the United Nations General Assembly has proclaimed the ten-year period of 2005-2015 as the UN International Decade for Action Water for Life.

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The MDG-F Programme on Democratic Economic Governance of Water Supply: "Securing Access to Water through Institutional Development and Infrastructure" is supported by the Fund to achieve the Millennium Development Goals, funded by the Spanish government, with the aim of strengthening national ownership of achieving the Millennium Development Goals, under the auspices of the UN reform. The programme is jointly implemented by UNDP, UNICEF and UNESCO, in partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations, Ministry of Civil Affairs, Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, Ministry of Health and social policies of the RS, the partner municipalities (Bihac, Bosanski Petrovac, Gracanica, Eastern Ilidža, East New Sarajevo, Kladanj, Neum, Petrovac / Drinić, Peter, Rudo, Chair, Center and Visegrad) and their water supply/utilities, and civil of society.

The GOAL WASH project (Governance Advocacy and Leadership for Water Sanitation and Hygiene), implemented in the framework of the DEG program, aimed to raise awareness of the school populations about the importance of water. GoAL WASH component is supported by the Swedish Government.

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