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Waterways: Pianeta Acqua/Maritime Spatial Planning Workshop Course. Venice, Italy. 4-5 June 2010

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Maritime Spatial Planning – "European common objectives and guidelines for local administrations" is organised with the support of UNESCO within the framework of "Pianeta Acqua" Waterways & Waterfront for a sustainable development between sea and land.


"Pianeta Acqua" is included in the list of European Maritime Day events organised by Expo Venice under the scientific coordination of eAmbiente and Centro Internazionale Città d’Acqua di Venezia will face the today’s issues of water with exhibitions, meetings and workshops on different themes: maritime culture, tourism industry, preservation of environme indicators for sustainable use of water, Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP), Waterfront design, River Basin Planning, Climate change and landscape, water, Fitodepuration applications

The Workshop-Course on Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) has the objective to share the contents of the EC Communication on MSP and to present the most important experiences carried out in this field. The Maritime Spatial Planning is important not only to optimize the use of marine space for the different economic activities, avoiding conflicts between different uses, but also to promote an effective management of marine and coastal development. Therefore, the MSP is a pre-requisite for achieving sustainable development in the sea and in coastal areas and it is a fundamental element of the new Integrated Maritime Policy for the EU.

The course will address a maximum of 40 participants, mainly representatives of Public administrations. The registration fee (€ 300), includes all the activities of Pianeta Acqua. The deadline for the registration is 21 May 2010.

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UNESCO Contact : Philippe Pypaert at p.pypaert(at)unesco.org

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