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WebValley 2011, youth interaction with Science

©WebValley 2011 International

WebValley is a Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK) summer school that promotes and encourages interdisciplinary scientific research particularly for secondary school students. More than 200 students from Trentino Alto-Adige SudTirol have attended the WebValley camps since its first edition in 2001. The 2011 International Edition will take place in Primiero, Trentino from 19 June to 9 July 2011. It is entitled “Adapting to the future: a Web-Kinect-GIS interface to climate change scenarios and complex environmental data”.

During the numerous interactive laboratories and field trips planned, students will also make use of sophisticated technology such as the Kinect controller with GeoScaler Hub, an Open Source WebGIS for climate change indicators as well as using more readily available personal mobile devices and software solutions. Working as teams, these future young scientists will develop new ideas related to climate change and perhaps elaborate an innovative science exhibit/prototype to be displayed at the new Trento Science Museum (MUSE), designed by Renzo Piano and opening in 2012 (Trento, Italy).

The project concept leverages from the approach proposed by John Holdren (US Presidential Science Advisor) “Climate Change Science and Policy: What Do We Know? What Should We Do“ :”…Climate services – again aimed at providing climate change information to the users, coordinating science adaptation and mitigation.”

For this year’s edition, 16 fellowships are available for students from: 8 Trentino, 3 AltoAdige-SudTirol and 5 International (co-funding required).

The UNESCO Venice Office endorses this youth interaction with science. It is a fun filled opportunity for students to be immersed within the scientific world.

Link : http://webvalley.fbk.eu

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