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Women in Animation

Edited by : Matilde Tortora, Tunué Editors, 2010; Contributions by: Massimo Becattini, Paolo Di Girolamo, Ursula Ferrara, Andrea Fontana, Gibba, Marcel Jean, Yves Josso, Regina Pessoa, Julie Roy, Davide Tarò, Nunziante Valoroso, Mario Verger. Book Presentation Date : Wednesday 6 April 2011 from 5:30 pm. to 6:30 pm. Venue : UNESCO Venice Office, Palazzo Zorzi, Venice (Italy)


The book, published and edited by the scholar Matilde Tortora, expresses the appreciation the world of cinema animation owes to the creativity, film making and audiovisual narrative, of women artists in these fields.

The book begins by identifying the women pioneers of animation through various historical excursus complied by scholars and experts, up to the present day role of women in animation. It covers the increasingly and significant role women have covered over the decades and how it has transformed. Their first contributions as inkers, colourists, cutters were considered as secondary roles in the field of animation.

This anthology gathers high level documents and includes photos from important Italian and foreign “archives”, from Mimma Indelli/de Roubaix Archive, from the National Film Board of Canada, from Gibba, Paolo Di Girolamo (the founding fathers of Italian Animation of the ‘50s, and many “Carosello” – an Italian form of televised advertisement/publicity where for the first time, women’s contribution to animation is clearly evident) and from several other archives.

Three well recognized authors of world animation, Regina Pessoa (Portugal), Ursula Ferrara (Italy) and Signe Baumane (Latvia/USA) contributed to the book with original drawings and illustrations of the double cover. Within the book, Ursula Ferrara has illustrated a tale on “some unaware maestros of my special passion for the cinema of animation”: a “petite histoire”, filled with irony, illustrations, colours, art. Also within the book is the tale of Regina Pessoa “Me, Animation, Life” a luminous, intense and beautiful text, just as her animated films.

Matilde Tortora, professor of Film History and Criticism, critic and essayist, is the author of a number of books on cinema, translated into several languages, among which "The pocket screen"," In the dark country", "From the screen to the Word", "Heart. First Screens", "Travels into Animation. From Émile Renaud to Second Life". She is a member of the Italian Association Research for Film History and of the International Prize "Simona Gesmundo Animation Short". In 2000, she was awarded the Prize of Culture of the Presidency of Italian Cabinet.

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