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Women in Science. Italy and the International Context. 2010

Published in cooperation with the UNESCO Venice Office. 186 pages. Editors : Iulia Nechifor, Giuseppe Pellegrini. 2010 Observa - Science in Society, Vicenza (Italy)


Who are the female students most proficient in mathematics and sciences? Which country has the largest number of women employed in technical-scientific sectors? In what country female researchers are most highly paid? How many Nobel Prizes have been won by women? Are European women interested in scientific research? How many female readers of science periodicals are there in Italy? Who do women trust when scientific issues are debated?

This 2010 edition presents - through both an international and a gender related comparative perspectives - a classified collection of data and information on the presence of women and men in science and their attitudes towards research and innovation. A chronology of the principal events connected to the theme during the year, references to institutions, scientific awards and websites devoted to gender issues in research are equally included.

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- Women in Science. Italy and the International Context (2010)http://www.sendspace.com/file/3kam8m

- Women in Science. Italy and the International Context (2008)http://www.unesco.org/science/psd/publications/women_science.pdf

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