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Zadar to host International Conference on Underwater Archaeology

© 2011 IKUWA 4, Zadar CROATIA -IKUWA 4: Managing the Underwater Cultural Heritage

From September 29 to October 2, world-leading experts will meet in Zadar (Croatia) for the 4th International Conference on Underwater Archaeology, on the theme "Managing the underwater cultural heritage". The conference is organised under the auspices of UNESCO, and with the support of the UNESCO Venice Office. Over 400 people from some 40 countries are expected to attend the congress, which will be held at the lecture halls of the University of Zadar. During four days, lecturers will speak of their visions, achievements and future initiatives concerning the management of underwater cultural heritage.

Also under discussion will be the legal framework and guidelines for the protection of underwater cultural heritage, the management and presentation of underwater archaeological sites, the development of education and the active involvement of the public in protecting heritage.

Along with oral presentations, there will also be presentations of expert panels, exhibitions of photographs and the results of underwater archaeological research, a film festival on topics related to underwater cultural heritage and excursions for congress participants.

In particular, the event will be closed by a final panel dedicated to review the Conference’s proceedings from the standpoint of the UNESCO Convention on the Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage, approved in 2001 and ratified so far by 40 countries world-wide. UNESCO will be also represented during the opening session, by Mr. Anthony Krause, Head of the Culture Unit of the UNESCO Venice Office.

IKUWA 4 is organised by the Croatian Ministry of Culture, the Croatian Ministry of Science, Education and Sport, the County of Zadar, the City of Zadar, the University of Zadar, the City of Nin, the Archaeological Museum of Zadar and the International Centre for Underwater Archaeology in Zadar (ICUA), with the support of the UNESCO Venice Office.

On occasion of the Conference, the International Centre for Underwater Archaeology will also hold a meeting of its steering board, with participation of UNESCO representatives. ICUA Zadar is a regional centre (category II) operating under the auspices of UNESCO. Within its strategy for enhancing cultural heritage in South-Eastern Europe, the UNESCO Venice Office supports ICUA as centre of excellence for training, capacity-building and awareness-raising in the field of underwater cultural heritage. UNESCO Venice Office also supports other centres of excellence in South-Eastern Europe, including the Centre for Restoration and Conservation of Cultural Heritage (Tirana), the Regional Centre on Intangible Cultural Heritage (Sofia), and the Regional Centre for Digitisation of Cultural Heritage (Skopje).


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