Italy: Our Host Country

La Farnesina, Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Rome

Italy is UNESCO’s most notable donor in terms of voluntary contributions, with large donations on an extrabudgetary basis.

UNESCO has longstanding and solid cooperation with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (in particular with the Directorate General for Development Cooperation and the Directorate General for Cultural Promotion and Cooperation) and the Ministry of University and Research.

Premises at Palazzo Zorzi

© UNESCO/A. Ajoux
Palazzo Zorzi

In an agreement signed in 1996 by the Government of Italy, the Municipality of Venice and UNESCO, the palace known as “Palazzo Zorzi” was put at our disposal.

The Italian Government provided to the Municipality the amount of five billion Lire with which the premises were fully restored and adapted for our Bureau.

Sites on the World Heritage List

© J. Frias Velatti

Italy has more sites (41) inscribed on the World Heritage List than any other country.

The historical centres of Florence, Rome, Pienza, Naples and Venice and its Lagoon are all on the List. Italy also contributes to a number of heritage-related projects - More


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