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Investing in cultural diversity for peace and social cohesion

Safeguarding cultural heritage, protecting cultural diversity and promoting pluralism and dialogue between cultures are vital to achieve sustainable development. Mainstreaming principles of cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue, integrating culture into national development strategies, enhancing cultural policies and capacity-building activities that advance the cause of social cohesion, peace and development, is now a major challenge in South-East Europe.

Strategy for 2012-2013 (36 C/5)

Biennial Sectoral Priorities (BSP)

  • BSP 1 : Protecting and promoting heritage and cultural expressions
  • BSP 2 : Advocating the inclusion of culture and intercultural dialogue in development policies to foster a culture of peace and non-violence

Main Lines of Action (MLA)

MLA 1 : Protecting, and conserving  cultural and natural heritage  through the effective implementation of the 1972 Convention

MLA 2 : Enhancing  the protection of cultural property  and fighting against its illicit traffic through the effective implementation of the 1954, 1970 and 2001 Conventions

MLA 3 : Safeguarding the intangible cultural  heritage through the effective implementation of the 2003 Convention

MLA 4 : Sustaining and promoting  the  diversity of cultural expressions through the effective implementation of the 2005 Convention

MLA 5 : Promoting the role of culture in development at the global, regional and national levels

MLA 6 : Promoting intercultural dialogue, social cohesion and  a culture of peace and non-violence

Contributing to the UN Joint Initiatives

UNESCO is involved in 2 funding windows :

Protecting and enhancing cultural rights and political participation

  • Albania : Culture & Heritage for Social & Economic Development - More
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina : Improving Cultural Understanding in Bosnia and Herzegovina - More
  • Turkey : Alliances for Culture Tourism (ACT) in Eastern Anatolia - More

Fostering an enabling environment for development

  • The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia :  Enhancing Inter-Ethnic Community Dialogue and Collaboration - More
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