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Culture Themes - Abstracts

Culture: a Bridge to Development
Safeguarding Cultural Heritage
UNESCO Venice Office's activities towards safeguarding and promoting cultural heritage in all its forms - tangible and intangible, cultural and natural, movable and immovable- key to achieving dialogue, sustainable development and social cohesion.
Diversity of Cultural Expressions
UNESCO Venice Office's activities in the field of Promoting the Diversity of Cultural Expressions. Creating an enabling environment in which all cultural expressions may be affirmed in their rich creative diversity, renewed through exchanges and partnerships, and made accessible to all, is today a central issue on the agenda of South-East Europe.
Intercultural Dialogue
UNESCO Venice Office's activities in the field of Enhancing Intercultural Dialogue relates to fostering cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue as one of the main pillars of UNESCO’s action in South-East Europe.
Managing Historic Walls in World Heritage Cities
Cultural Heritage in South-East Europe
UNESCO Venice Office's Ministerial conferences on cultural heritage in South East Europe.Launched in 2004 in Mostar, this high-level regional initiative, entitled “Cultural Heritage: a Bridge towards a shared future”, serves as a political platform of discussion and enhances regional frameworks of cultural cooperation
Networks of Experts
UNESCO Venice Office's activities in the field of culture relate to network of experts by bringing together experts and professionals sharing common challenges and expectations is key to joining efforts towards the development of regional approaches and strategies in South-East Europe.
UNESCO Venice Office's action in capacity building related to culture and Cultural Heritage in South-East Europe. In the area of culture, in particular of cultural heritage, it is a key challenge to have South-East Europe benefit from a number of efficient networks at national and regional levels.
World Heritage in South-East Europe
UNESCO Venice Office's activities in the field of World Heritage in South East Europe. New cultural and natural sites from the South-East European region have been included on the UNESCO World Heritage List, illustrating progress made with conservation and management, and witnessing to a general rise in the awareness of the importance of cultural heritage in the region. Historic Centres of Berat and Gjirokastra
Intangible Cultural Heritage
UNESCO Venice Office's activities in relation to the 2003 Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage; the intangible cultural heritage (or living heritage) is the mainspring of our cultural diversity and its maintenance a guarantee for continuing creativity.
Illicit Traffic
UNESCO Venice Office's activities related to Illicit Traffic of Cultural Property. Enhancing the protection of cultural objects, the fight against illicit trafficking in them, and the development of museums, particularly in developing countries. Activities include the illicit traffic reduction and prevention in South East Europe
Underwater Heritage
UNESCO Venice Office's activities in relation to Underwater Cultural Heritage which encompasses all traces of human existence that lie or were lying under water and have a cultural or historical character. Recognizing the urgent need to preserve and protect such heritage, UNESCO elaborated in 2001 the Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage.
Cultural Heritage Kosovo
UNESCO Venice Office's activities in the field of safeguarding cultural heritage in Kosovo. Protection and conservation of a multi-ethnic heritage in danger, responding to the events of March 2004 in Kosovo, to the attacks on the region’s rich cultural heritage, it was declared that it was not only monuments but also “memory and cultural identity” that were being destroyed.
UNESCO Venice Office's activities in the field of Creativity & Contemporary Creation; by encouraging the vital role of contemporary creation, cultural interaction and creativity, UNESCO promotes respect for the diversity of cultural expressions and raise awareness of its value in South-East Europe.
Cultural Industries
UNESCO Venice Office's activities in the field of Cultural Industries by enabling countries to create and strengthen their means of cultural expression, including in particular their cultural industries; this constitutes a crucial requirement for the sustainable development of South-East Europe.
Intercultural & Interreligious Dialogue
UNESCO Venice Office's activities in promoting intercultural and interreligious dialogue among the peoples and encouraging cultural pluralism at all levels as a key to further mutual understanding.
Regional cooperation & Heads State Summits
UNESCO Venice Office's action in relation to Regional cooperation & Heads of State Summits; launched in 2002, the annual Summits of the Heads of States of South-East European countries endeavour, through significant declarations and action plans adopted at each summit, to preserve and promote the region’s cultural assets as a shared benefit.
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