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Dado:”The Zorzi Elegies”

By encouraging the vital role of contemporary creation, cultural interaction and creativity, UNESCO promotes respect for the diversity of cultural expressions and raise awareness of its value in South-East Europe.

This includes, in particular, enhancing the work of artists and other creators, building partnerships and alliances in the area of cultural industries, and strengthening human and institutional capacities in countries of the region.


GRAND PRIX AFEX 2010 French Architecture in the world


UNESCO Venice Office will host the first edition of the AFEX Grand Prix of French Architecture to be held at Palazzo Zorzi on August 27, 2010 at 5 pm. Awarding ceremony will take place in the presence of a representative of France’s Minister of Culture and Communication to: Woman’s University EWHA Seoul, Korea, DOMINIQUE PERRAULT ARCHITECTURE, 2008. The exhibition "Elsewhere: French Architecture throughout the world" will be dedicated to the winner and the other 10 prizewinning projects. More

ARS AEVI Museum of Contemporary Art in Sarajevo


The Assistance to ARS AEVI in the Development of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sarajevo and Associate Programs Project financed by the Government of Republic of Italy is focused on the creation and development of activities related to the establishment and sustainability of the Museum of Contemporary Arts in Sarajevo.

The International Cultural Project Ars Aevi has created a respectable collection of art over the past ten years - More

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