Cultural Industries

© Fondazione Arena di Verona/ M. Brenzoni
Turandot, 2008-2009

Enabling countries to create and strengthen their means of cultural expression, including in particular their cultural industries, constitutes a crucial requirement for the sustainable development of South-East Europe.

Providing advice, developing training tools and building the capacities of professionals, programmers and leading actors in the area of innovative cultural policy formulation constitute strategic elements for enhancing cultural diversity and better access to the global market.

©donne in musica

Donne in Musica

With special attention to fine arts and music, the promotion of women's rights and the recognition of their role in the field of music. A project for the realisation of a study about “Women in Music in Serbia”, focusing on their work as musicians, composers and musicologists. To be published in Serbian, English and Italian, as the follow-up to “Women in Music in Montenegro”.


International Institute for Opera and Poetry (IIOP)

A long-standing cooperation is established between UNESCO and IIOP with the objective to promote poetry and the education and permanent training of artists in the field of opera, with particular attention to young talents of opera especially from SEE region, trough  the organization during last 12 years with the substantial support of the Municipality of Verona, of high level international events, seminars and singing competition.

The singing competitions  have opened brilliant careers to the young singers and musicians from several countries in Europe as well as in China and U.S.A. In 2009 Turandot  and in 2010 La Bohème were performed by the young finalists as a concert in Verona (Italy).

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