Promoting Intercultural & Interreligious Dialogue


Promoting intercultural and interreligious dialogue among the peoples and encouraging cultural pluralism at all levels is key to further mutual understanding.

For all countries of South-East Europe, where inter-religious and inter-ethnic dialogue represent a significant feature of social cohesion and stability, the capacity and willingness to generate and sustain dialogue across boundaries will be decisive for advancing further on the road to peace, democracy, stability and sustainable development.

Culturelink Joint Publications Series (1995 - 2009)

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Digital Culture. The changing dynamics

Connecting Croatia - The Public, Private and Civil Sector of Culture in the Virtual Space | Cultural Tourism Goes Virtual: Audience Development in Southeast European Countries | Digital Culture: The Changing Dynamics | The Creative City: Crossing Visions and New Realities in the Region | Dynamics of Communication: New Ways and New Actors | UNESCO's Convention on the Protection and the Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions: Making it Work | The Emerging Creative Industries in Southeastern Europe | eCulture: The European Perspective - Cultural Policy, Creative Industries, Information Lag | Cultural Transitions in Southeastern Europe | Culture: A Driving Force for Urban Tourism - Application of Experiences to Countries in Transition - More

Culturelink Network

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Networks for Research and Cooperation in Cultural Development established by UNESCO and the Council of Europe in 1989 at the UNESCO Consultation of Representatives of Regional and Sub-regional Networks for Cultural Development Research and Cooperation - Culturelink Network

Mediterranean Mosaics

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Mediterranean mosaics

"Valorisation of Archaeological Sites with mosaics" aimed at sharing good practices on the economic valorisation of cultural heritage. The meeting is the prosecution of a process for the creation of a network of Mediterranean sites characterised by the presence of ancient mosaics, already initiated with a project of the Sicily Region, named “Mediterranean Mosaics: Knowledge, Valorisation, Networks” - More

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